My top assignments in digital storytelling

In our Digital Storytelling class we do little projects and then major projects that are assigned to us. This week we have to choose a few assignments that we like the best out of all the ones we have done. Some of these are major assignments and others are small assignments that we do over the week called daily creates.

My 7 most favorite assignments are:

1) The Digital Safety Poster:dc

On September 26th our daily create assignment was to choose a poster from a collection that was provided, then change it to represent digital safety. Most of the poster were already about soriginal-dsafety, so I chose a poster about how we should wear Goggles to protect our eyes and changed it to the digital safety poster above.This what the poster    originally looked like before I added the sea and made the guy look like a pirate:

2) The Adventure of Harry the Hipster:


On October 10th our daily create assignment was to read about Harry the Hipster who was “an original white “hep-cat” who jumped and jived on the black jazz scene in the 1940’s.” We had to create a new creative adventure for Harry the Hipster. When I was a kid I used to love the care bears, so I made Harry the Hipster into Harry Bear. He has Hipster on him because that is what he did; he was a hipster.

3) The Smiley Phone App:


On September 19th our daily create assignment was to find creative ways that the icon for the phone app could be used to represent other made up apps. For this assignment I made the phone icon into a smiley and made into an app that detects your mood and if you are sad or are feeling down the app reminds you to be thankful and smile.

4) The October 12th events fusion:


On October 12th our daily create assignment was to find to event in history that occur on October 12th and create an event out of the two. For this assignment I looked up events that occur that day and actually got a list of things. From this list I found that in 1492 on that day Christopher Columbus’s expedition made landfall on Caribbean island and in 1999 on that day the proclaimed 6 billionth living human in the world was born. So I created that the 6th billion living human was born in Christopher Columbus’s ship on October 12.  

5) @MBotRainbow:


In September one of our assignment to create a twitter bot. My twitter bot is called @MBotRainbow and it sends out tweets every six hours. The tweets are quotes about different colors in the rainbow and the rainbow itself.

6) “Mixing Soundtracks”

On September 29th we had to turn in an assignment where we had to create an assignment and post it to the DS106 page. The assignment I created was to take 2 or 3 different soundtracks from a movie and overlap the instrumental from them. Then we had to do the assignment our self. I chose “Not Today”, “Till the End” and “Don’t Forget About Me” from the movie “Me Before You.”

7) A radio broadcast of The Hound of the Baskervilles:

We had an assignment where we had to listen to a radio adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles and then create our own radio adaptation. We had to use six different audio clips in it.  The six audio clips I used in the assignment were the wind sound effect, the swamp background sound effect, the howling sounds, me saying the dialogues, the radio adaption dialogues and the music that is playing in the background of the whole thing. The reading of the dialougue in the adaptation was not loud enough, but I was pretty proud of it anyways since it was my first time.




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